School Completion Programme

Improving Educational Outcomes for children and young people in West Limerick


What is the School Completion Programme?

The School Completion Programme (SCP) provides support to children and young people to help them to get the most from their education.

The West Limerick SCP project focuses on:

  1. Improving children’s attendance at school
  2. Improving children’s participation in school (involvement in class and school activities)
  3. Improving children’s retention (staying in school)


Who is the West Limerick SCP for?

The West Limerick SCP is a targeted service for children and young people who require additional support to get the most from their education. It is not open to all pupils and students.

Children and young people must be referred to SCP. Schools, parents and other agencies can refer.

Once a referral is made, then the SCP will see if SCP is the best support for the child. Not every child that is referred will receive support.

If you are interested in finding out more you can contact Stephanie Mulvihill, Co-ordinator or Nicola Hayes , HSCL, Co-ordinator.

When can SCP provide support?

The SCP supports children and young people during the school day, after school hours, during school holidays and when young people are out of school.

Support West Limerick SCP can offer in St Anne’s Primary School:

  • Junior Homework Club
  • Senior Homework Club
  • Therapeutic Art Activities
  • Literacy & Numeracy support
  • Attendance Tracking & Monitoring
  • Pre- Transition Programme (5th class students)
  • Transition Programme (6th class students)

Holiday Provision


Responsible Staff:

Linda O’ Connor

Stephanie Mulvihill