RDS Primary Science Fair

6th class children have taken part in young scientist competition in Mary Immaculate college Limerick in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The teachers who led this initiative are Aileen McMahon and Therese Ryan.

In 2016 the theme was ”What is the perfect sponge cake and how do we achieve it?”. The class cooked several sponges varying the quantity of ingredients slightly and also the cooking methods.There were lots of tasting sessions!


In 2017 the children posed the question “Are there  links between the density and the calorific value of what we consume?” The project was displayed in the school hall  and in Mary Immaculate College and impressed the judging panel in January 2017.


Sixth class of 2018: The children posed the scientific question “do all living things have D N A?” Once again there was was a lot of scientific thinking and investigation. Ancestral DNA and forensic science DNA were two topics that were developed. Once again the school achieved a great report at the science fair and a fine plaque titled RDS Primary Science Fair is displayed in our school.